Because consultation is a voluntary activity, you must request it. The consultant will discuss with you your specific needs and set up a visit based on the priority assigned to your request, your work schedule, and the time needed for the consultant to adequately prepare to serve you. OSHA encourages a complete review of your firm’s safety and health situation; however, if you wish, you may limit the visit to one or more specific problems.

Five reasons you should call today:

  • Consultations are free and confidential
  • Get help in identifying and correcting workplace hazards
  • See a reduction in costs due to workplace illness and injury
  • Address workplace safety and health training needs
  • Comply with OSHA standards to avoid hefty fines

The Process

  • An opening conference is held to present consultants credentials, describe the procedure, determine the scope of the visit, and explain the employer’s obligations under the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
  • During a tour of your facility, occupational health and safety personnel identify potential and observed hazards.
  • Health and safety conditions in the workplace are evaluated by use of appropriate monitoring methods and testing instruments.
  • A brief closing conference is held to review the observed safety and health hazards and to suggest corrective measures and improvement where necessary in the employer’s safety and health programs.
  • The consultant prepares a technical report that evaluates the site and safety and health management plan, describes any observed hazards, referencing applicable standards and recommends correction or control measures. The report remains confidential and is never seen by OSHA.

SHARP Program

Your business may be eligible to participate in a recognition program for businesses that operate an exemplary injury and illness prevention program. Acceptance of your worksite into the SHARP program is an achievement of status that singles you out among your business peers as a model for worksite safety and health. Find out more about this program by visiting the SHARP page.