The Safety In Paradise program offers a number of services to the small business community. These services include:

  • On-site safety and health audits
  • Health and safety program review and assistance
  • Assessments of health and safety management practices
  • Health and safety training and education
  • OSHA compliance assistance
  • Workplace air and noise monitoring
  • Technical guidance and information
  • Printed materials on occupational safety and health

Types of Assistance

Limited assistance helps companies comply with OSHA’s rules and regulations for specific processes or areas of concern. The consultation program will identify physical hazards and evaluate technical programs within the scope requested by the company. If the company already knows the hazards, technical assistance can be provided on how to correct them and develop the necessary programs.

Full service is available to companies that want help in meeting OSHA’s requirements for the entire facility. In this case, consultants will help identify physical hazards, evaluate all technical programs, and review the safety and health program management. Recommendations are made on how to correct physical hazards and improve both the technical programs and the safety and health management system.

For all types of assistance, the consultant will use the same identification and classification procedures as an OSHA compliance officer would. The employer must agree beforehand to correct all hazards identified by the consultant and provide written verification of the actions taken to correct serious hazards within a reasonable time frame, usually four to six weeks.