Our mission is to assist the business sector to ensure the safety and health of the Virgin Islands’ workforce. Our mandate is to ensure that employers in our territory are aware of the requirements for meeting compliance with workplace safety and health regulations.

Is my business eligible?

Private sector employers, especially those in smaller high-hazard industries, who want to achieve a safe and healthy workplace for their employees, are eligible for the Safety In Paradise program. Businesses that request assistance are issued no fines, citations or penalties. Your only obligations are to set aside the time necessary for an evaluation and commit yourself to correcting serious safety and health hazards.


The Safety In Paradise Program is an ideal way to find out what, if any, issues may need attention in the workplace. Our safety and health professionals can identify areas of concern, and assist in the development of effective safety and health programs to minimize risk to you and your employees. This can be a benefit to your small business in many ways. It can help employers reduce their costs by reducing workplace accidents and illnesses, lower worker compensation insurance costs, and eliminate problems with regulatory compliance. Indirect costs reductions, such as lost productivity, training replacement workers and overtime expenses, are additional benefits. Establishing or strengthening an employee safety and health program allow small businesses to make activities routine considerations rather than crisis-oriented responses.

How does it work?

Professional consultants will come to your office or plant to perform a survey and will advise you of existing or potential health and safety problems in your facility. The consultants will suggest options for solving problems and will identify help available to you should further assistance be necessary. You will receive a written report summarizing the findings of the visit.