You’re earning your own money. You’re making new friends. You’re learning new things and becoming independent. Work can be a fun, rewarding, and an exciting part of your life. But did you know that your job could harm you?

As a young worker aged 14 – 24 years of age you have rights on the job, and your employer has the responsibility to provide a safe workplace for you. Safe work is rewarding work. OSHA wants you to have a safe and rewarding work experience and has created a website especially for you. Information on the website can help you prevent job-related injuries and illnesses. Employers must follow all OSHA safety and health standards to prevent you from being injured or becoming ill on the job. If you are under age 18, there may be limits on the hours you work, the jobs you do and the equipment you use.

To help you navigate the process, we’ve provided you with some helpful resources:

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