Safety in Paradise


SIP Program Provides Resources for COVID-19

The Safety In Paradise (SIP) Program has been closely monitoring COVID-19 which is a global health concern.  Containing the virus at this point is especially critical to reduce the spread of the disease and its impact on businesses, workers, customers, and the general public.  Employers must have a plan in place to address this and other potentially disruptive conditions.   

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, SIP would like to offer FREE assistance to businesses in the private sector and non-profit organizations.  Although in-person contact is currently limited as we maintain social distancing, the Consultation staff is readily available to assist businesses remotely. 

Safety In Paradise is a free and confidential OSHA consultation service provided by the University of the Virgin Islands - Center for Excellence and Leadership and Learning (UVI-CELL).  Services are available at no cost to private-sector employers and non-profits.  Our goal is to help employers establish and maintain effective occupational safety and health programs to keep the workplace healthful and safe.  Services are available in English and Spanish.

To assist businesses, the current online services are available:

 Formal Training Topics:

  • OSHA’s Guidelines on Protecting Workers from the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV or Covid-19)
  • Respiratory Protection Standard 29 CFR 1910.134
  • Guidance for use of respirators and fit-testing for workers exposed to COVID-19
  • Record Keeping: Are COVID-19 cases recordable?   

 OSHA Compliance Assistance:

Development/Update of the Company’s Health and Safety Programs:

  • Respiratory Protection Program
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Exposure Control Plans
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Guidance

Applying OSHA's Hierarchy of Controls to current operations: 

  • How to protect workers during COVID-19 operations -- what new controls your company may need
  • Limited online guidance for job hazard analysis for current tasks

For COVID-19 resources, visit the Safety In Paradise website at  For online assistance, please send an email to or complete the form using the following link